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What’s wrong with people these days?

Answer courtesy William Shakespeare: “Judgment has fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason”. Don’t Police officers all have pepper spray on them and Tasters and truncheons ? People these days are raising their children without respect for ANYTHING. And they get mad at anyone who points a finger at their kids for misbehaving. We’ve seen the kids fighting with their parents egging them on. Fighting with teachers in school!? People used to want to get out of the Ghettos, now kids want to live like what we used to work two jobs to get away from, in the days when “Dope” was the same thing that we call “drugs” today. One word connotes that Dope will eventually make you stupid, the other “Drugs”, implies that it will make you even better than your natural self. Maybe the police officers should have their guns taken away so that they would have to use pepper spray, mace, or tasers, because nobody is taking the responsibility of “bringing up ” children the right way. Like Civil-ised beings. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who walked with Martin Luther King now lead the “No Justice no peace” crowd. So many of the proven liars of just decades ago are now leaders of the nation, and heralded as good people. Just like religion I guess. Everybody hails Jesus and Gandhi and Buddha and Muhammed as paragons of virtue. No one in the public eye emulates those historical characters. And neither do their followers. Except for the Muslims, who as everyone knows belong to a “Religion of Peace” The presidents told us so therefore it is true. Clinton, Bush and Obama told us so. So it’s craziness and lies from the top down. Luckily for the rest of the world Islam is coming to America and thence to everyone else. Will American Blacks be in charge then? Or radical Muslims like in the middle East. I hope I get to live long enough to see my grand daughters and their children wearing burkas. The peace of the scimitars will replace the promised peace of the American constitution and there will be no police brutality then. I’m just saying, you know.

A letter to my son

Hi Son. The picture(of an alligator trapper’s tied up trophy) illustrates that one man could capture a twelve foot monster without hurting the poor displaced creature. With Rodney King, I don’t know if you know anything about it, but more than a dozen cops beat him into senselessness when anyone of them could have subdued him as they were trained to do. Anyway, I notice that they haven’t used the old cliché this time around: “Violence has reared it’s ugly head ” in any of the news broadcast coverage of the Michael Brown case. I have one that should be used. ” We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.” and from the Bible; “Train up a child in the direction that he should grow, and when he grows up he will not depart from it”. The Tiny tots soccer league gets it. Everyone gets a prize just for participating. No team is declared a winner, even though I heard one kid say to his Dad. “We kicked their butts” . . . The follow up on just playing a game for the fun of it, is to start teaching kids to ” learn to love learning” like they learn how to play any game,starting with the simplest. Learning to love learning is the beginning of that rear commodity, common-sense. . . . When “Society ” focuses on ensuring that kids “Learn to love learning” like they love “TO PLAY” ,then. . then MANKIND, would have taken it’s first step toward everlasting peace.
Love to you and all who love you and yours.

A book review revisited

This review, this book is about what everyone instinctively knows they have inside them.

Imagine this! You live your life in a manner flowing with indiscretions, abandon your Catholic Church up-bringing,become more and more skeptical about obeying the laws of Morality and common decency, become more and more impatient with people and then realize that your life philosophy has been right all along: it’s society in general that’s messed up!! And that explains a whole lot of benevolent “happenings” that occurred in many places in your life, and that the increased frequency of heeding your inner voice made those voices louder and more easily discerned from your own thoughts, and therefore of more reliability, . . . to the point of being miraculous and actually life saving at times.
Imaging after writing a book about trying to figure out how a `sinner’ like me can get to be so miraculously helped, so frequently and come to be aided by that now easily discernable `voice/thought/idea’ , you come across a book that explains that phenomena, in five lines !! on page 42 of Deng Ming Dao’s book Everyday Tao!!. One chapter, and everything fell into place.
Everyday Tao did more for me than all my Christian upbringing did for me in my entire adult life. From a practical sense, as far as bringing genuine Peace to my spirit, it way surpasses all my attempts to get results from “Faith”. I still believe a lot of things that I was brought up to believe, yet none of my indoctrination conflicts with the prove-able teachings of “Everyday Tao”.
“Everyday Tao” is a masterpiece of simplicity, and inspiration, the most fertile soil there is for the effortless assimilation of the way to personal intuition.

Ken O. Mc Intosh
Author of :”Deadly! Deadly Serious Nonsense and Comical Calamity”

Seeing Galaxies as Gyroscopes

10/8/14 We
Two teams were working on breaking the DNA code they told us in Biology class in college in 1972. Breakthrus are always a race between teams. I just read Wuju’s “Birth of the Global Brain” and now I wonder who else is seeing what at least two of us are seeing,, developing out of the Cosmic Oceanic OOZ.—- And who will the conscious machine allow to be the first to illustrate it. All along humankind saw stars,then planets, then not all stars are stars but many are Galaxies. Then, lets stop at Black holes. Lets skip to the usefulness of Gyroscopes ,it’s Physics and the circular motion of all particles and planets and stars,Galaxies and even the Helical wound DNA-RNA structure. Are we beginning to see Millions and millions of Gyroscopes and atomic particles, keeping “Something” on a steady cosmic course, (as all Gyroscopes do) waiting to be unraveled like DNA has been, in a simple formula like “E=MC squared”

How do you explain seeing the future

What’s the odds of that happening.!?

I walked into the darkned Radiation treatment room after my lunch break at Yale University Cancer Treatment Center, and before the other Radiation Tech could introduce me to the female patient laying on the treatment table in that planning room, a room illuminated only by the X-Ray viewing boxes on the wall, the woman looked backward over her shoulder and said to me.
“You used to run a stick along a corrugated metal fence and the noise would annoy an older lady. She used to run after you very angry”. I was less than five years old when I used to do that and did not come to America untill I was twenty. How could she know that?. . .
On a Dosimetrist co-worker’s recommendation I went to visit a Psychic that this Dosimetrist said told her things about her professional shennanigans and ambitions that existed only in my friend’s head at the time. The Psychic told my co-worker that she would be working in a desert and she would buy two long winter fur coats. That made no sense at the time, but two years later the Dosimetrist came to visit us at the Hospital.. She had gotten a job at a hospital in Rhyad in Saudi Arabia, and vacationed in Sweden and Norway and bought a fur coat in each of those places. That made me decide to go see this lady.
With her back to me as I was following the Psychic into her home she said to me.
“You have something white in your ear and a bad right knee.” After we sat down she said that I was going to be working with blue-prints and lot of young women. No way, I thought. I was a professional healthcare worker.. Two black dogs would be after me,she said, but they won’t hurt me. I see a fence and a lot of land and cows, so it must be in Rhode Island somewhere she said. She gave me two prayer books and told me to go to a retreat in Hartford. There’s much more but that’s enough to make my point. Everything she told me came to pass. I did not go to the retreat, but 25 years later my friend got a male Labrador puppy, and later a female pup to breed them They were living on a farm at the time and those dogs to this day are untrained and overly friendly and rambunctious. My point? How can that happen? And I have had two other unexplainable meetings with the future that came true to the last detail.

A stinging smart of an addendum to a post

I’m with judge Judy, you lie to me once then I don’t believe ‘ANYTHING’ you say. I check you ‘METICULOUSLY’! Politicians make a career out of lying all day everyday, people see this all the time as time goes by. Yet my friends, more intelligent people than I make excuses for every proven falsehood spoken since the “Gulf of Tonkin” lie perpetuated by politicians in the ’60’s,and my friends continue. . not . . paying attention. Even stock traders who everyday, do their research then put their money where their mouth is, swallow each new lie, with relish. We,America,the USA should all be absolutely cynical about every word uttered by politicians, but we continue giving the hired excuse-makers from the top down, a pass every time. Because!? We have to be loyal to the king we voted for, who ever the latest king is. Truth be dammed! Now Religion?! Don’t get me started. But, as a Quote, Christian, (Ugh), a Catholic born and bred but a voluntary outcast, I will. . give my two cents worth .—————————THE NEW PART ADDENDUM WISE.—————- How is religion different from Political affiliation? 90% of us are born into an home grown mentality and stick to our guns. We rely on people to tell us what to do and very seldom call them out.. Church leaders beg for money and lie to us just like in politics and blame us when we can’t work miracles,(as if they can) and insist it’s our fault, not God’s because God cannot lie. And his word says that we can. That always get a big round of applause. Who knows the difference between a Baptist and a Lutheran or a Pentecostal and a Catholic, as far as (hee-hee-hee) going to heaven? Or between a Sunni Moslem and a Shia and their virgin allotment in Heaven. Or even what do Muslim women get in heaven. But we all brag that ours is the best, and stake our afterlife on it, like life and afterlife is ours to give. And like taxes we all end up paying in cash or in Karma.

a P.S. to a post by Chapter TK’s Logic of. . .

There’s nothing new under the sun. Folks we’re debating the very same things about society that has been debated since umteen B.C. So far Nothing new. People do whatever they want about everything. All Christians say they know and love Jesus,but not by his criteria,by theirs. Most have never‘taken the Bible to ‘heart‘, or else we would not keep rehashing the same morality—“Problems”—- of thousands of years ago. And “Bible study” really doesn’t produce it, I MEAN LIVING THE JESUS LIFE. As for “Faith”. . .Who were the two people Jesus said were the greatest Faith people he had ever met? A war monger and an adulteress.Not his Disciples!! Think about that. Not one Megachurch preacher could heal President Regan’s sidekick, James Brady or Senator Gabby Gifford,the Astronaut’s wife,or any of the kids in All children’s hospital. I live for the day when the promises of the bible are fulfilled on earth. A couple serious instant healings of wounded Veterans would do for the whole Christian world, what it did for the Centurion’s daughter and the woman at the well. All I know is “Something’s wrong” and the preaching remains the same. Look at the state of the world. And there’s churches every where!!. Only diligent inquiry,endless superhuman individual effort and consequent Divine inspiration,- – sets up – – the arena for miraculous,Jesus-love and instant healing here on earth. Do we see that happening? Introspection,and the courage to inquire and accept accountability is what brings out what’s in your heart. Then Devine oneness sets in. On it’s own. That’s what “All”- – – Pagan Shaman healers and Gurus as well as certain Holy Ghost Fathers say. Even elders of the Muslim faith in the collaborative writings with the Jews in the sixteenth century. Is there any ‘need’ in heaven? So why are people not expecting serious miracles here on earth..? There’s more to life than”FAITH”.There’s a lot of spreading the good news going on, but no instant miraculous healings. Not even when the Pope got shot. Nor is there everyday personal good Christian behavior. That’s why I wrote my serious but comical book about that. To love life completely is to understand all of life.