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lottery winners

October 25, 2011

I was watching TV with a friend when we came upon a Megachurch meeting where the preacher was extorting people to have faith and they will get blessings more than they could imagine, wealth and love and health and happiness,the same song that they preach to the faithful every day and twice on Sundays. Nobody seems to get the preacher’s promises, yet they keep going, and going, and going like to a lottery for which there is never any drawing, till maybe next Sunday. It reminded me of a non-poem I wrote many years ago : “Atlas”
Atlas Carrying on with Heaven

If I had just one sincere buddy
I surely could move the world
It’s not that I am sort of lazy you see
It’s just too big to hold

Not that the world’s too heavy for me
It’s lopsided and awkward
I carry it onward, inch by inch forward
I can’t afford to flinch

Nor shirk nor rest. This awful test
Weighs heavy on poor Atlas
The world astride his able arms
Knows nothing of his contest
And like Apollo he carries on
Straining.  To this day!

Ken O. Mc Intosh

Author of: ” Deadly! Deadly Serious Comedy and Comical Calamity “


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