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Ageless Wisdom

October 26, 2011

The wisdom of an entire life was passed unto us in a simple sentence:  Love your neighbour as yourself.  That was approximately two thousand years ago.  So far millions of words have been used to try to update the substance and the essense of that sentence.  All efforts have fallen short.  And here’s the thing; the only thing that stops most people from living by that age old maxim is what the sages call human sleepwaking awareness, and human tribal societies’ customs.  Joko Beck our great Zen teacher says in essence, if we pay attention to the things we say and do we will come to realize that we are living life through the artiface of personal choice when in reality we are not aware of why we believe the things we have come to take for granted about the wisdom of every act and thought of our lives.  It really is much easier to not look at ourselves and what each person represents to themselves than it is to question where our hard earned money goes, taxes and all.  Am I really just a secretary, is being a cop all I am,  a librarian?  Is this the ceiling of my intellectual ability, the limits of my physical constitution?  Do I ever think about the words, ‘Love thy neighbour etc. ?’   I’ve found that when a person gets the essence of that inheritance,  those persons change effortlessly, myself included into not being able to give enough of themselves to others.  They see the baggage that others carry for no other reason than that they are unaware of how come they are lugging it around, and the ‘luggers’ are quite happpy while doing their part creating problems for themselves their families and friends and every tribal society out there, including their own.  How do we get people to wake up and really live?  Oh well!!?


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