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World Peace ?! In every mirror.

October 26, 2011

Truth really is a Godly, Devine indomitable abstraction. Notice how it illustrates itself by its replication and it’s dependability in every science imaginable. Every science lives to prove it’s existence. Truth does not contradict truth. That’s the test of science.
However, there is one truth that is so obvious that it has to be ignored by most people in order to sustain the preservation of mankind’s individual self made ego, and that is ; Man, individually or Mankind as a specie collectively, must grow in awareness or perish. We can have either Truth or repose, but we can’t have both.
I will help illustrate the obvious to the oblivious and slowly engage the efforts of my Author friends in the persuit of the Cosmic resurrection of the subtle truths that they have already began trying to define. There is a tidal wave of Blogs coming, that will force people to first polish the mirror of their character and then peer into their own soul-mirror to discover that the truth that they witness inside their own honesty is the most beautiful thing period that they will ever uncover.
Ken O. Mc Intosh
Author of : ” Deadly! Deadly Serious Comedy and Comical Calamity “


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