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May 22, 2012

Here we go again!  That little boy who became a celebrity because of his valiant effort to beat his illness,            has died!  Despite the heroic efforts of his medical team here in Tampa, and the visitation by sports figures and other stars and local media darlings, nothing was able to bring about a cure for the little Angelic boy.  The kid finally gave up and decided that he had had enough, nine years old, and decided to just go ahead and die.  And he did, God hest his magnificent soul, and pragmatic spirit.  Which brings me to my pet peeve in life.

Where were all these “Faith Healers” that we see so much of on TV every day and twice on Sundays?  Promising miracles galore !? None stepped forward like the ball players did, and none was able to help except to give ‘comfort’. ? . ?. . .  to the family, as all shepherds of the flock do when nothing , Novel./else comes to mind.  Except another version of the familiar old tried and true form of Kindergarden to High school and even college graduation speeches:

“ It’s not an end it’s a beginning.”

That’s why I put on my business cards. “I know nothing and that’s all I know ”

Now contrast that with what the preachers bray about, “abundance of wealth and health and milk and honey and, ask anything in my name and you shall have it.” The world is still full of everything that the world was full before the spreading of the good news from the good book .

Something’s wrong and that’s all I can say about that.  But people keep praying and believing and shunning me when I ask where are the miraculous cures.

All I know is :.  I know nothing and That’s all I know .  As far as that nebulous thing that everybody calls Faith. That is what is preventing anybody from getting miracle healing faith:  The ongoing pretense that the faithful have faith enough to move a good size molehill.

That poor Kid, . . . . !


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