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Man vs gator. . . Cops vs Rodney King

May 23, 2012


Wed 5/23/12

                   A neighbor, by himself, helped another lady neighbor, capture an eight foot gator, using only a rope and lasso and the equivalent of duct tape.  Tied it up and then called the cops.  He got a written warning from the cops because he was not authorized to capture a gator. 

          So tell me about Rodney King again.  All those cops couldn’t subdue Rodney without giving him the beating that he got.  People subdue wild gators here in Florida, twelve feet and more, with nothing but wire and rope and duct tape, and I am supposed to think that the cops who beat Rodney King couldn’t do better than they did.

          A girl goes to jail for twenty years for firing  a warning shot into the air after her husband, with whom she had an argument, was advancing menacingly toward her in their front yard.

         A guy shoots another stone cold dead after following him in his car and is told not to follow any more.  The disobedient follower  eventually shoots the guy and cops say it is self defense and lets the shooter go free until street riots loom in the not to distant future, and the shooter is brought before a judge and set free on bail. For those who don’t see the tragic comedy in those two incidents, there is no hope.  . . . . . And according to polls taken concerning the Treyvon Martin incident that is over fifty percent of Floridians if not the Nation.


  Tell me I’M  crazy




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