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Letter to Harper Collins Pub

June 27, 2012

Official Book site: O. mc Intosh

Harper Collins Publishers                                                                        Deng Ming-Dao

10 East  53rd Street                                                                             Author of  Everyday Tao

New York, NY 10022

John Loudon

Ann Moru

This letter is to respectfully ask permission to print the first half of page 42, including calligraphy, of “Everyday Tao”,  with reference and acknowledgement to the Author and Publisher of Everyday Tao.  I would like to use it on my face book page and as a reference in another re-issue notice with my publisher, AEG Books. The  entire pages 42 and 43 are attached for your easy reference.

My book deals with the subject of  attentiveness in everyday life and it was only last week that I started reading Everyday Tao.  Page  42 stopped me in my tracks, sent a wave of euphoria thru me and validated the whole premise of my book.

If possible , I would like to be able to ask a few questions of your  author Deng Ming -Dao.  As one who has had many psychic experiences as well as para-normal impossible events, and being of a mind bent on scientific curiosity and verifiable discovery, I think that I can safely say that  my experiences and conclusions about the “unexplained” and “unexplainable” tell me that time travel is possible, hence Prophecies that come true, but that the scientific establishment is looking for answers in the wrong sphere of knowledge.  They should consider the implications of “String Theory”

I ask that you graciously consent to my requests, and I hope that someday soon I will be able to publish with your company.


Ken O. Mc Intosh.

Author of “Deadly! Deadly Serious Nonsense and Comical Calamity”


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