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November 9, 2013

Where there’ssmoke there’s fire. No?  OK where there’s smoke there’s a lot of happy people or mildly depressed people or Politicians or political activist who are acting on some form of heat in their underclothing.  Anyway , what do you do when coincidences pop up in your life on an everyday basis?  It must mean something , right?  Every Blue-blodded Atheist will tell you that every thing material, even on an atomic and even sub atomic level is merely coincidence.  So is a coincidence a clue in the jigsaw puzzle of life.  If we can piece our personal observation  of our coincidenc-ii, plural, I don’t like the sound of the proper word for the plural (smile ),if we can piece  them together in our lives do we have something?.  I see too many to ignore them, so I am recording mine.  Let’s see what happens.


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