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What’s fair? And to whom!!

November 15, 2013

Nothing in life is fair to start with.  Only one person wins a contest.  Only one human sperm wins each egg.  Competition is embedded in our DNA.  Every person alive beat the odds of millions to one to be who they are.  What’s fair in that competition?  Sometimes, as one famous person said the prize is a booby prize; a person is born severly handicapped.  Is that fair ?  Who do their parents complain to ?  Before law suits was a way of life of course, before life enhancing drugs were introduced to “civilized ” societies.  Back then everyone knew instinctively that life was not fair and everyone fought againts the odds and fought even having  disadvantages to have the kind of life they wanted.  Today with everyone hoping for Nirvana on earth and hoping for a life of lururious ease being handed to every “Civilized” nation , those of us earthlings who haven’t been bred to be soft and Polyanna-ish will have the whole planet handed to us  and resort to even more white collar barbarism and eat the ‘softies’ for lunch  in even more inconcievable numbers than today.  And that’s as fair as being born just to die.   . . . .  And I loveit !!


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