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Watchdog barks every 2yrs

November 16, 2013

Before I forget, Google “Vatican Bank” . . . . OK. So now it’s news? Two years after the different personalities on the multimedia broadcasting stock trading watchdog stations made it public knowledge, now it’s news? So employers are going to drop coverage for their employees and the employees will then have to buy government health insurance, which will be nothing like what most people have now. Who knew? Just everybody who has been trading stock or taking an interest in what was being done with their 401K money. So why were all adults not aware of it before now? Same reason why most adults of voting age are not aware of it yet : It’s too important and hence to complicated (in their minds) to take an interest in it for themselves. They leave it up to the experts.

Yup!! Minor league Bernie Madoffs by the hundreds are taking care of our 401 K’s for us. Can we see how the individuals who invest our stocks are doing? Of course not. But we can see how the individual funds are doing, after the fact. For present day shenanigans we have to pay attention on a daily basis. How do we do that? I rest my case!!

It takes less time to find out which stocks are perpetual winners and at the crest of annual overall earnings reports than it is to watch reruns of ‘The big Bang’ show or any half hour sitcom. But very few people take the time to inquire.

And the situation is the same with religion; you pray and pray and pray and pray all your life and nobody ever ask the obvious question, “:What’s going on here?” “What’s with this Faith thing? Am I missing something or what? I might as well pray to an idol or a Barbie Doll for that matter”

I’ll tell you who knows what’s going on. The Politicians. They see people happy in their lives of quiet desperate helplessness and use their constituents to pull their own private wagons, the same as the Pope does. ” Those who have ears to hear let him hear. ”  Um, who said that again?

Google Vatican Bank, have a good read then go argue with yourself .


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