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Following up on ” Co-incidencii “

January 22, 2014

Wed 1/22/14.   That’s the one thing I am absolutely sure of and I find it validated for others in a poem by Mary Oliver Titled “Wild Geese”, Dream Work, Grove Atlantic Inc.1986 &New and Selected Poems,Beacon Press,1992. This excerpt:

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.  Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine”

Here’s hoping that everyone who reads this post will go to Amazon’s books on line and read the poem in it’s entirety. 15 short lines if so much.  It nails life in a nutshell.  Was it a coincidence that my career choice forced me to face the inevitable cynicism that comes from dealing with people with ‘incurable diseases’ ?   Juxtaposed with Megachurch preachers, claiming the wonderous miraculous healing powers of their ‘knowledge’ of the Bible ? Circumstances that elicit passion, painfullly more so than with joy, dictate that a questioning nature grow along with the hedonism of natural life.  Why death?  why life?  And as you approach the pearly gates, apprehension either grows or diminishes or fatalism takes over buddying up with the incurable disease and its discomforts or for the lucky ones, ? ? !     the ravages of time and old age leave us hopefully, completely humbled.


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