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Prose from the Pros.

January 23, 2014


Th 1/22/14      With thanks to the many, many champions who as a rule are admired by kids from 9 to 92.. . .

        Only Champion students know the results of hard study and good study habits.  Just like only Champions know the feeling of winning constantly.  School is a contest played by each student against himself and they can experience that winning feeling every day.   To be so successful a student, as to have no need for excuses, is the mark of a true champion.  Only losers use excuses.  Champions never make excuses and work on their weaknesses. :  “ Don’t fall in love with your jump shot.  Work on your weaknesses till you love them like you love your jump shots.”                      Old Chinese proverb :  Well done is better than well said.          La Bron James, the undisputed king of basketball, to the point of being called “King James ” still takes Basketball lessons.  He is always being coached, for big money of course, by retired pros and hall of famers on the areas of his game that he is weak in.

       This is the world you are going to live in.  No wants to hear your excuses, no one is concerned about your personal problems, the world could not care less about you if you live or die or is suffering and will soon die.  You take on the world on it’s terms and you find a way to triumph.  This is not a world of excuses.






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