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Joy is all I know

February 4, 2014

Tu/1:4:14 The beauty of a tree is in it’s usefulness to nature. The beauty of a forest, the same multiplied exponentially.It’s nature’s thing . Most people don’t get that. Go listen to the voices at a childrens’ playground.Nature enjoying life. Let’s enjoy life with all our senses, help change what needs to be changed and let Nature take it’s course. We are NOT all equally endowed, mother Nature knows that ,mankind tries to make us believe differently. Our limitations will manifest themselves and our individual stubbornness will drive us on or not to the extent that we hit our ceiling or die trying. What’s the downside to trying to be those voices at the playground. Farmers develop a “Love of and for the land.” Listen at the playground, Listen, listen! Intuition comes there to all at every level and lifts us all a little bit higher just from being “There” . . . There are flowers and weeds and herbs as well as Redwood trees among us. That natural capacity to enjoy, that is suffocated as we grow into adulthood, is in its own time rekindled with each visit and eventually resurrected. That’s the spirit of “Truth”that lies behind the veil of most people’s life that reappears in every new life, man or beast or insect. And like the abstraction called “Truth” has endured from the beginning of time.


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