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Life lessons

February 21, 2014


It was only talk untill my best friend was informed that her medicare was not NOT. . .  going to pay for her medication combination, not one, not both, neither.  Then my other best friend (all in the family) was informed that she had to have her operation by the end of the year.  After that no more Government help for a condition that was diagnosed months before.  Before she could have her operation, I got a letter from my optometrist informing me that medicare coverage for Cataracts at their  facility, would not be covered by medicare after Dec.31,2013. That‘s when it hit home.  I had it done right away!. . . . Updating now:  Without getting specific, medicare is not paying for hip replacement anymore.  A younger friend in her late forties will now have to pay for a congenital condition that was diagnosed by her pediatrician when she was a child, . Bi-lateral something or other that was worsened by an infection  But what of older people who will need it as they age?  On the news this morning,we’re told that medicare is going to stop paying for a lot of stuff for the elderly and use that savings to help with insurance for the young.  Remembeer the whole “ Death  panel ” debates ?  No more paying for expensive cancer treatments for the elderly.?!  Remember Al Gore and his “Lock Box” promises, .that Social Security deductions from our paychecks, money that we were putting into “THEIR” banks could never go broke, not be used for other projects.     

     Now you can see how important it is to find retirement saving programs not 401 K’s(they don’t”) that pay  at least 7% compound interest, this way your money will double every seven years and guaranty you some little bit of  a cushion against mis-fortune.. .    A word to the wise.



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