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Piercing Blue

February 23, 2014

Someone’s watching you with a permanent Mona Lisa smile in their/her heart. Us lucky readers of “Piercing Blue” have that same indelible smile in our “favourite memories bank”. I was with you enjoying the’ride’ from start to finish. It would be impolite not to return the smile you sent us without an accepting smile of cordial recognition. . . .For you.

Umm! Thi___sis goodness!!

Black coffee and Danish Cookies
Spiced up a weary writers night life
Leaving sleep my lifelong lover . . .
Waiting. . .
To warm up the pillows
Until another story is unfolded
And fit to be retold

Sleep needs no magic massage oil
Scented with exotic charm
Her freely given winsome balm
Is ready anytime that I am

Piercing Blue.


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