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Challenging the big guns

February 24, 2014


Now that I have gathered up my this year’s tithe statements from different churches, for the IRS, I am declaring WAR on all Megachurches and Christian, Miracle-preaching, self proclaimed miracle-healers, Bible thumping Pied pipers, blowing that “I’LL show you how to get Faith ’’ businesses everywhere here on God’s green earth . All of them; Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, the list goes on forever. I’m calling them all out! Especially since I DO claim undisputable miracles for myself and the fact that some of these churches can show my name on their auditor’s tally sheet.
As a Born and raised thru Hi School, Catholic absconder, certified serial sinner, YET, . . . . YET!!. . . . Multiple miracle recipient, I call on them all to “Put up or Shut up.” Something’s wrong. The same Holy Spirit that came to me thru the auspicies of the aforementioned, Gloria and Kenneth Copeland compelled me to take this action. I’ll Never forget the words to me “You’ve identified the problem, bring attention to it.”
Just this morning on the News there’s this nine year old boy diagnosed with Brain Cancer, Nick Wolf is his name. Is anyone going to step up and give him a miracle?? How many times have I heard it said, that parents should do everything possible to never disappoint their children. That’s what these churches do, promising us miracles every day when we get Faith, while they take their wives and children to the Doctor, AND
Nick Wolf is going to have to look for a cure from Tampa General Hospital or St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Danny Thomas, while God’s children continue to be disappointed by the thousands all across the Globe. Something’s really really wrong, and my crusade has only just begun. Either they Put up or Shut up. My words to action has only just begun. He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.


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