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Masterful Cunning and Subterfuge

March 6, 2014

March 4/14

                            Cunning and Subterfuge wins over Youth and Exuberance

                 Here’s a sports analogy on Politics.  A team that’s winning by a lot in the last ten minutes has the option of running up the score or  playing all the non starters.  The President or Presi-‘debt’ in America will run up the score by doing whatever he pleases, knowing that there are  rules are in place for keeping the score lower than  all presidents would like.  If the opposing team is not adept  in using all those rules to keep the score low then the People are at the mercy of any Presidents Philosophy, and Whimsy.  The Prez is doing to America, what Ras-Putin is doing to Europe and the world.  Making us all go back to school and revise recent World History, History in our time.  History as was news to Time Magazine and Life and Newsweek and everyday newspapers, CBS NBC, ABC and Radio before every household had a TV. History which is the same since Caine and Abel.  The strong survive and the weak perish, no matter how across the board the weak  are Benevelent to every body/every Nation. The Strong Survive and the Weak perish.  Right Ras-Putin?!?   Ta-tat-a-tat-tat, TAT-TAT !!

I write therefore I am.



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