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To hell in a handbasket.

March 31, 2014

Sunday March 30,20014 a day that will live in infamy,. . . for a while.Today I will likely start losing blog fans because I will share those opinions of mine that ‘friends’ say are taking me to hell in a hand-basket.. . .I believe simply “Monkey see Monkey do” is the simplest and most obvious road to success in everything in life. Not the Christian Religion as ALL Christians would have you believe. Do what works in any field, do NOT do anything that you haven’t seen work. That’s it! Wake up! There are scores of counselors today telling us how to achieve success in everything in life. For a fee. . . . Now some go to church to avoid doing the obvious, usually, mental or physical work (Definitely not Spiritual work )and ask the preachers to cure their ills, all of them. Does that work? So do the preachers cure the sick like they say they could and could show you how to do the same? So how come, in the year of Our Lord 2014, long after man has walked on the moon, satellites by the hundreds are circling the earth and everyone has at least one wireless phone the same people go to churches all looking for guidance and every-day miracles, while they remain poor, they can’t even afford to ‘tithe’.? ? . . .and have no intention of doing the obvious, practical solution things.. . How come they still fill the pews? Fear of God, is how come, fear of the ever merciful, all forgiving God, ever loving God.. .

I say “ Stockholm Syndrome,” en mass! Also known as “Patty Hearst Syndrome “. Look it up.” ! . . . . . . . There’s a lot more to come glorious seeker folk, a little each day. I won’t leave you hanging.



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  1. I agree Kenny, the history of all religions are filled with inquisitions, witch burnings, drownings and torture. The Crusades were just another excuse for invading another nation. I have learned more through studying nature than through any books. ~ Dennis

    • Thanks for the comment Dennis. The funny thing is that very intelligent people are afraid to trust themselves with their souls. THat’s why I say it is the Patty Hurst syndrome that keeps people in line, to say the very Least. Hey I’ve been keeping tabs on you and your pet project is picking up a lot of suppport in the Blogosphere. Someday a well known Philanthrope will blow the lid of any government project and align with you to ease the misery of the homeless. Later.

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