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Continuing on about miracles

April 2, 2014

Continuing on about my pet peeve; the mysterious, indefinable and ambiguous “Faith.” of Christians and it’s power to heal the sick, to make Christians rich, and emotionally balanced and happy, strong in all circumstances the envy of all Mankind. I ask this question that was posed to me by the Holy Spirit of the Bible. How come there is no “ Ministry of Miracles” for the sick, for whom there is no hope, according to our medical establishment? Yet most hospitals have a chapel and a pastor to give comfort and help with the bereavement process, before a patient is actually dead.?
I have had miracles in my life, literally miracles, while I was STEEPED!!steeped in the sins of the flesh and the vices of the mind. I have had other unexplainable events ( I don‘t say miracles anymore because everyone starts trying to explain, beginning with, Maybe !?. . . . ) And that is how I know that something is wrong with the Faith preaching Non-Healers. It is their inability to illustrate for us, ‘their’ or any miraculous healings that defy all Medical Science, that surpasses Medical technology. . . . . it is those preachers that raise generation after generation of unbelievers,(who call themselves the faithful ,and who desperately want to have their faith validated) including preachers themselves. Preachers are all convicted by their own words and inability to perform said miracles, as they tell us how to do what they can’t do. I believe the good news of the Bible and therefore I conclude that something is wrong with the whole “Preaching Society”. Untill they acknowledge that something is wrong, untill they question themselves as to why they can’t make the Bible “Faith” work miracles, they will never be able to work miracles. While sadly, the answer is staring them in the face every moment of their lives.. . . . I speak what I hear the Father in Heaven say.
To be continued


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  1. Hi Kenny, I agree with you completely. We must never accept another’s opinion unless it fits with our truth. I too have experienced miracles, and have seen spirits. These experiences came through nature and not through a church or a preacher. I can think for myself; I don’t need someone to explain the bible or any other theology. ~ Dennis

    • Thanks for the encouraging and enabling words. You know Dennis, I believe this Buddhist saying; “He who says he knows, does not know but he who says he does not know may already know ” If all those megachurch Sunday Stars worked any miracles you know we would hear about every one twice over. At least! We have Thousands and thousands of hopeless children in hospitals and on make a wish foundation lists, waiting for the promises to unfold But ?! Just today I mailed Joseph Prince a letter telling him I’m done tithing,to anybody.I’m giving to charity instead. Untill the preachers start questioning themselves as to what they are missing there will be no healings performed by them.Because of my miraculous and spiritual episodes in my life I believe the promises in the bible. I also believe evil RESIDES in the pulpit waiting to do a re-enactment of the Salem witch burnings all over again.With no respect for the healing and/or views of the Sharman and their spiritual studies and life philosophies. This is my mission now, to get the “Church” to put up or shut up. Something’s wrong when laymen have to do the work of the “ORDAINED” clergy.Keep on trucking. The universe loves you. Kennymack.

  2. I agree, Kenny. ~ Dennis

  3. cpsingleton42 permalink

    Well done Kenny. Well said.
    There is another saying by Andrè Gide: believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it; doubt everything, but don’t doubt of yourself.
    Think this also applies.

  4. I completely agree. Faith is kind of like Love. Just having it doesn’t solve problems. You have to have it, work on it and grow in it. As for health, money and all that stuff, a lot of that is based on our own actions. We have freewill, given by God. We can make the decisions that bring a lot of that stuff into our lives. Things don’t just pop out of thin air. As for the less fortunate, I’ve always thought most religions called people to help the poor, sick and suffering. They need more than prayers for help.

  5. I too have had miricles in my life and it can be disheartening when others don’t believe you. But, never worry and always stay true to yourself. The angel that appeared one morning, with the words “love yourself” was so right and she changed my life.

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