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What !? Not me!

June 30, 2014

Just got a letter from Mega-church hero Joseph Prince. I’m on their mailing list. I used to send them my tithes in rotation with Kenneth Copeland Ministries and other Mega-churches and Synagogues. Dutifully! As I was directed by the Holy Spirit. I am sending NO money to Pastor Prince for the third time with the same message, which tells me that they open the envelope cash the checks and never read the donor’s letter. My message to them all came while Praying and meditating: “Let them go heal Senator Gabby Gifford the Astronaut’s wife and set up a healing ministry and heal wounded warriors, heal even just one in ten and their coffers will over flow from then on.” The Holy Spirit drummed that into me for years. For more than twenty five years BEFORE that I prayed another prayer and finally got my first miracle Via Kenneth Copeland Ministries, which I touched on in my book. Another miracle came after at least twenty years after that in answer to my question to the Holy Spirit, day and night, night and day I asked “How come none of your champions cannot work miracles, yet claim to be able to tell us how to.” Answer? After I came to my senses/reality; “They feast and fast not.”
Some day shortly , as promised to one of my favorite Bloggers “valeriu dg barbu” on WordPress, I will post a short list of unexplainable events in my life, that at the very least can only be categorized as extra-ordinary.


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