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There must be an explanation!

July 1, 2014

———-I walked into the Radiation Treatment room and this woman on the treatment table who was being ‘simulated’ and planned for treatment, looked backward over her shoulder and said, When you were a little boy you used to run a stick along a metal fence and anger an older lady. You used to throw rocks at her from under a house. That I did, before I even went to Kindergarten, and here it was I was twenty seven years old doing my Clinical at Yale New hospital, and this woman who none of us had ever seen before that day was telling me about my childhood.
I walked into a lunch room gaggle of women all talking at the same time, and I hear myself say “Who was Pablo”. Lou SCREAMED, “that’s his name, It was doctor Pablo! But I had always said I would never marry a Doctor.” Lou had worked as a nurse in Canada for decades. No one to the day I retired ever asked me Anything, about that sudden Pablo blurt of mine and to this day I am still mystified by it.
I saw in a dream a thoroughbred racehorse throw it’s rider before the horses got on to the racetrack and had to be pursued and reigned in by an out rider. Told my dream to my Racetrack gang and that was the end of that. Until a horse threw it rider and was pursued by the same big fat horse that I described to the gang on the way to the track.
At a psychic fair, a Mystic from the Psychic village of Casadega here in Florida told me that I would soon be going on a sea voyage, “It has to be in the Caribbean because of the unique green of the water I see. You are going to be extremely rich. I see you standing in rows and rows of Crystal and Silver. The very next morning, Sunday I go to visit my parents and they are about to leave on a gambling ship for a day of fun. It is only after the ship had been anchored twelve miles off the coast and my Dad and I are
Sitting under the smokestack that my Dad says “Kenny! Look at the size of that turtle!”. Huge as it was I was stunned into silence by the vivid green of the water and the Psychic’s $25.00 prediction coming true. The, being surrounded by rows of silver and glass also came true, at a Makesa warehouse in Florida, when I commented to my friend .“These old people with their canes and walkers shouldn’t be allowed in here. One person losing their balance and grabbing the nearest shelf and there would be a whole lot of breaking glass.’’ That’s where the woman saw me standing.
My Friend Margaret Dirgo our Dosimetrist, was told by a psychic that she would be working in a desert like place surrounded by a lot of sand. She was told that she would be wearing two different fir coats. Four month later Margaret was offered and accepted a job offer in Saudi Arabia and after six month of work vacationed in Norway where she bought two fir coats, one of which she wore when she came to visit us in Poughkeepsie N.Y.
My Little sister woke me up from her hospital bed more than two thousand miles away. She rattled my bed and I jumped up, she said I should change places with her. I didn’t answer. I just got up and checked the time it was 1:07 am. Explained to my wife that it was not me kicking the bed that woke us both up, but my sister Cecile who from two thousand plus miles away wanted me to change places with her in the hospital in Trinidad. My Dad phoned us with the news that my sister on vacation in Trinidad had died from Acute encephalitis. Time of death he said was 1:15 a.m. There’s other stuff as ‘sidebars’ in my book. And I don’t like to read long posts so that’s it.


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  1. Wow! All of that is pretty incredible and interesting to say the least. I’m sorry to hear about your sister.

  2. Thanks for the sympathy. And talking about unbelieavable, “That ain’t the half of it.” An incident that I mentioned in my book was even more unbelievable,(the psychic’s predictions came true to the letter). Years later, Randy,true name, did some carpentry work on the lady’s(his Psychic’s in my book) son’s house here in Hudson Florida,. Even later after that Randy tried to locate the Psychic for me But the house was occupied by someone else and they,Randy and his wife Pam, real name, couldn’t locate the Psychic for me. Here’s the kicker. The name on the inside of the little booklet that my Psychic gave me more than two decades ago, Jase Brangaccio, was traced from New Haven to Florida. And that’s all I am going to say about that.

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