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View from the air

July 4, 2014

Gas was cheaper in these days.Piper cubs aand other small personal aircraft would buzz Weeki Wachee and Pine Island beach just to see the dishes layed out on the beach, and the younger ones playing volleyball and throwing frisbees, kids playing football in the shallows.Heroes would dive and make spectacula splashes if not catches. I’d wave to all the low flying gawkers and insist that they saw me. I’d lie and say I could see them wave back. Nobody believed but I could. Sometimes. Dr. Gentry an F-16 National Guard pilot who lived on the beach next to Willy flew over, real slow. I got up and did a side to side wave with each arm going up and down in turn. The F-16 did the old world war two wing waggle came around slowly, did it again and then shot straight up at full speed, up THRU the clouds, did a barrel roll over the clouds and flew off upside down before he shot up out of sight. I never let on that Dr. Gentry was once my windsurfing neighbour, and that if you can see a light aeroplanes’wheels underneath (they’re about as big as your head) the pilots can see your whole body. Just another day in paradise.


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