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We do love our excretary organs!

July 20, 2014

I am the father of three girls and one boy, and biggest slut there is, period! And that gives me authority to talk. There are only 2, two types of people on this earth, sluts and prostitutes. Sluts are those who have sex for the fun of it, and I am the King of that, and prostitutes who make you pay with cash money or emotional blackmail or a bucket list translated to emotional blackmail. The same women who used to indulge herself and her lover any time,(of the month even) anywhere, just for the fun of it, at some point especially after getting ‘that ring’ morphs into a part time or full time prostitute and out comes the hostage taking and men being chained to ‘fidelity’ and emotional blackmail or no sex. Hence the expression “cutting you off at the stem”. Think about it. Being honest, that should be the end of discussion. Even the most dutiful wife, goes in and out of that dirty stygmatized, profession and we all know it. So all this objectifying women discussion and commentary, to me is just some saying; “Sluts have pride too.” and me saying;”Naah!!Sluts are honest about human sexuality.” Men are pigs, dogs, sluts, weasels and we know it. Women, not sluts like me, are what they are, and they know it, dressing one way and asking men to look at them, the so called non-sluts, as Virgins in Nun’s habit. Given a choice between an extremely beautiful and curvy slut and a beautiful and curvy intellectual woman, most men would recognize and choose the slut, thereby guarantying repeat and sometimes heady performances, pun intended, instead of talk guaranteed. Note the use of the objectifying terms, ‘beautiful’ and ‘curvy’ . Now shall we talk competence and competition or continue phony moralizing and beating a dead horse. ?!


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