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E-mail history to my brother and my son

August 26, 2014

Hey Michael !! When you have time ‘Google’, The Salsa hit ” Lobo Domesticado” and you will hear your Father playing piano, . . . in that classic style that will last forever. You know, it just occurred to me that I am the only one in the family that had ever heard him at his consistent best with the Mano Marcellin ‘big band’ at Carnival time. Not even Mom heard them,the Road Band. Pop’s band rehearsals that we grew up listening to at home was the ‘smallside’ .Remember for the ‘Road band’ and Carnival Queen competitions the rehearsals were done in the Police band auditoriums in the St James Barracks, with the additions of the two trombones, Lashley and I can’t remember the other guy’s name and Harris and Vialva Phillip and Conrad Jones on trumpet with Sonny Denner added in with his Baritone Sax.. . Aldwin Chin-a-Sing was recruited to play piano and Pop would play Electric Base,and ‘Cado was added with timbales to boost the Rythm secton with me and Peter Harriott,and another addition ‘Bree” on Base drum. Remember the Old Gibson electric Base that pop had in Brooklyn and Sarge took out one of the mikes and never replaced it? That was the same Base that Pop used to play on his Gigs in Brooklyn and the Manhattan Boat Rides. He never played again after Sarge did that. He said it was time to quit and that was his signal. Anyway I got carrried away. “Lobo Domesticado” Tommy Olivencia


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