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Low achievers vs Hi Achievers

August 27, 2014

My Mother, God rest her soul, raised seven children and a cousin while being a full time Catholic School teacher until she retired and migrated to the U S of A, got a Nursing degree after four years of College at NYU and worked in her Nursing profession until she retired in Florida in her seventies, built her li‘l dream house with pool and continued nursing while my Dad continued playing music, Cocktail bar piano part time till Mom said ENOUGH! . She was ninety when she died from Alzheimers. So don’t expect me to be all happy and teary eyed when people brag about how hard it is too be a single parent raising children. What I see is a big time loser bragging then, about how incompetent their thinking process and decision making is. First, they messed up during their schooling years, then in picking a mate and then still wanting to live the life of a high achiever on the budget of a low achiever. As for my Dad he was also a high achiever. Worked full time as did all men did in those days, had his own Dance band, played every weekend, at the Country Clubs and Wednesdays, at the military base.,as well as for weddings, all of which left little but super quality time for the family. And he died at ninety four as did his friend and base player, John ‘Buddy’ Williams, the Father of the World famous Jazz Base Player, Happy Williams. So don’t tell me how hard it is to raise kids as a one parent head of family. Focus on your job and put as much effort into it as you did into your sexual,unthought out escapades, or else you will fail and have your kids complaining and expecting to be rewarded for their failures.. . . !!Tick me off..


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