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owFotoGrafik:Wine in a box?!

September 12, 2014

Lava lamps are a generational curiosity but it’s worth a lookup from those who do not know how they work. Our blogfriend ‘owFotoGrafik’ has a beautiful piece of artwork that illustrates the miracle of changing water into wine. The frame makes the link to the,’wine in a box’. The principle is the same in both items, the wine and lava flow. Microscopic and molecular exchange of heat,and resulting changes in matter and consequent physical configuration,both to the delight of human beings. One of Timothy Leary’s products called sunshine at the time, enabled me to see our earth and ‘ALL’ it’s inhabitants and their existences as being componants in a Cosmic Lava lamp. ANd–further out–,(get it ?)–(it’l come to ya) all the entire cosmic inhabitants,matter in all it’s forms, circling or resting or exploding or implode-ing, dancing or resting to their own cosmic resonance. One hand uses a brush to illustrate an idea, another something uses something else,to illustrate the laws of physics ahd astrophysics. What’s that something?. . .


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