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Intelligent people intentionally decieving themselves.

September 15, 2014

I’m with judge Judy, you lie to me once then I don’t believe ‘ANYTHING’ you say. I check you ‘METICULOUSLY’! Politicians make a career out of lying all day everyday, people see this all the time as time goes by. Yet my friends, more intelligent people than I make excuses for every proven falsehood spoken since the “Gulf of Tonkin” lie perpetuated by politicians in the ’60’s,and my friends continue. . not . . paying attention. Even stock traders who everyday,do their research then put their money where their mouth is, swallow each new lie, with relish. We,America,the USA should all be absolutely cynical about every word uttered by politicians,but we continue giving the hired excuse-makers from the top down, a pass every time. Because!? We have to be loyal to the king we voted for,who ever the latest king is.Truth be dammed! Now Religion?! Don’t get me started. But, as a Quote, Christian, (Ugh) I will. . give my two cents worth shortly.


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