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a P.S. to a post by Chapter TK’s Logic of. . .

October 2, 2014

There’s nothing new under the sun. Folks we’re debating the very same things about society that has been debated since umteen B.C. So far Nothing new. People do whatever they want about everything. All Christians say they know and love Jesus,but not by his criteria,by theirs. Most have never‘taken the Bible to ‘heart‘, or else we would not keep rehashing the same morality—“Problems”—- of thousands of years ago. And “Bible study” really doesn’t produce it, I MEAN LIVING THE JESUS LIFE. As for “Faith”. . .Who were the two people Jesus said were the greatest Faith people he had ever met? A war monger and an adulteress.Not his Disciples!! Think about that. Not one Megachurch preacher could heal President Regan’s sidekick, James Brady or Senator Gabby Gifford,the Astronaut’s wife,or any of the kids in All children’s hospital. I live for the day when the promises of the bible are fulfilled on earth. A couple serious instant healings of wounded Veterans would do for the whole Christian world, what it did for the Centurion’s daughter and the woman at the well. All I know is “Something’s wrong” and the preaching remains the same. Look at the state of the world. And there’s churches every where!!. Only diligent inquiry,endless superhuman individual effort and consequent Divine inspiration,- – sets up – – the arena for miraculous,Jesus-love and instant healing here on earth. Do we see that happening? Introspection,and the courage to inquire and accept accountability is what brings out what’s in your heart. Then Devine oneness sets in. On it’s own. That’s what “All”- – – Pagan Shaman healers and Gurus as well as certain Holy Ghost Fathers say. Even elders of the Muslim faith in the collaborative writings with the Jews in the sixteenth century. Is there any ‘need’ in heaven? So why are people not expecting serious miracles here on earth..? There’s more to life than”FAITH”.There’s a lot of spreading the good news going on, but no instant miraculous healings. Not even when the Pope got shot. Nor is there everyday personal good Christian behavior. That’s why I wrote my serious but comical book about that. To love life completely is to understand all of life.


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