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How do you explain seeing the future

October 6, 2014

What’s the odds of that happening.!?

I walked into the darkned Radiation treatment room after my lunch break at Yale University Cancer Treatment Center, and before the other Radiation Tech could introduce me to the female patient laying on the treatment table in that planning room, a room illuminated only by the X-Ray viewing boxes on the wall, the woman looked backward over her shoulder and said to me.
“You used to run a stick along a corrugated metal fence and the noise would annoy an older lady. She used to run after you very angry”. I was less than five years old when I used to do that and did not come to America untill I was twenty. How could she know that?. . .
On a Dosimetrist co-worker’s recommendation I went to visit a Psychic that this Dosimetrist said told her things about her professional shennanigans and ambitions that existed only in my friend’s head at the time. The Psychic told my co-worker that she would be working in a desert and she would buy two long winter fur coats. That made no sense at the time, but two years later the Dosimetrist came to visit us at the Hospital.. She had gotten a job at a hospital in Rhyad in Saudi Arabia, and vacationed in Sweden and Norway and bought a fur coat in each of those places. That made me decide to go see this lady.
With her back to me as I was following the Psychic into her home she said to me.
“You have something white in your ear and a bad right knee.” After we sat down she said that I was going to be working with blue-prints and lot of young women. No way, I thought. I was a professional healthcare worker.. Two black dogs would be after me,she said, but they won’t hurt me. I see a fence and a lot of land and cows, so it must be in Rhode Island somewhere she said. She gave me two prayer books and told me to go to a retreat in Hartford. There’s much more but that’s enough to make my point. Everything she told me came to pass. I did not go to the retreat, but 25 years later my friend got a male Labrador puppy, and later a female pup to breed them They were living on a farm at the time and those dogs to this day are untrained and overly friendly and rambunctious. My point? How can that happen? And I have had two other unexplainable meetings with the future that came true to the last detail.


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