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Seeing Galaxies as Gyroscopes

October 8, 2014

10/8/14 We
Two teams were working on breaking the DNA code they told us in Biology class in college in 1972. Breakthrus are always a race between teams. I just read Wuju’s “Birth of the Global Brain” and now I wonder who else is seeing what at least two of us are seeing,, developing out of the Cosmic Oceanic OOZ.—- And who will the conscious machine allow to be the first to illustrate it. All along humankind saw stars,then planets, then not all stars are stars but many are Galaxies. Then, lets stop at Black holes. Lets skip to the usefulness of Gyroscopes ,it’s Physics and the circular motion of all particles and planets and stars,Galaxies and even the Helical wound DNA-RNA structure. Are we beginning to see Millions and millions of Gyroscopes and atomic particles, keeping “Something” on a steady cosmic course, (as all Gyroscopes do) waiting to be unraveled like DNA has been, in a simple formula like “E=MC squared”


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