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A book review revisited

October 29, 2014

This review, this book is about what everyone instinctively knows they have inside them.

Imagine this! You live your life in a manner flowing with indiscretions, abandon your Catholic Church up-bringing,become more and more skeptical about obeying the laws of Morality and common decency, become more and more impatient with people and then realize that your life philosophy has been right all along: it’s society in general that’s messed up!! And that explains a whole lot of benevolent “happenings” that occurred in many places in your life, and that the increased frequency of heeding your inner voice made those voices louder and more easily discerned from your own thoughts, and therefore of more reliability, . . . to the point of being miraculous and actually life saving at times.
Imaging after writing a book about trying to figure out how a `sinner’ like me can get to be so miraculously helped, so frequently and come to be aided by that now easily discernable `voice/thought/idea’ , you come across a book that explains that phenomena, in five lines !! on page 42 of Deng Ming Dao’s book Everyday Tao!!. One chapter, and everything fell into place.
Everyday Tao did more for me than all my Christian upbringing did for me in my entire adult life. From a practical sense, as far as bringing genuine Peace to my spirit, it way surpasses all my attempts to get results from “Faith”. I still believe a lot of things that I was brought up to believe, yet none of my indoctrination conflicts with the prove-able teachings of “Everyday Tao”.
“Everyday Tao” is a masterpiece of simplicity, and inspiration, the most fertile soil there is for the effortless assimilation of the way to personal intuition.

Ken O. Mc Intosh
Author of :”Deadly! Deadly Serious Nonsense and Comical Calamity”


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