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A letter to my son

November 26, 2014

Hi Son. The picture(of an alligator trapper’s tied up trophy) illustrates that one man could capture a twelve foot monster without hurting the poor displaced creature. With Rodney King, I don’t know if you know anything about it, but more than a dozen cops beat him into senselessness when anyone of them could have subdued him as they were trained to do. Anyway, I notice that they haven’t used the old clichĂ© this time around: “Violence has reared it’s ugly head ” in any of the news broadcast coverage of the Michael Brown case. I have one that should be used. ” We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.” and from the Bible; “Train up a child in the direction that he should grow, and when he grows up he will not depart from it”. The Tiny tots soccer league gets it. Everyone gets a prize just for participating. No team is declared a winner, even though I heard one kid say to his Dad. “We kicked their butts” . . . The follow up on just playing a game for the fun of it, is to start teaching kids to ” learn to love learning” like they learn how to play any game,starting with the simplest. Learning to love learning is the beginning of that rear commodity, common-sense. . . . When “Society ” focuses on ensuring that kids “Learn to love learning” like they love “TO PLAY” ,then. . then MANKIND, would have taken it’s first step toward everlasting peace.
Love to you and all who love you and yours.


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