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What’s wrong with people these days?

December 4, 2014

Answer courtesy William Shakespeare: “Judgment has fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason”. Don’t Police officers all have pepper spray on them and Tasters and truncheons ? People these days are raising their children without respect for ANYTHING. And they get mad at anyone who points a finger at their kids for misbehaving. We’ve seen the kids fighting with their parents egging them on. Fighting with teachers in school!? People used to want to get out of the Ghettos, now kids want to live like what we used to work two jobs to get away from, in the days when “Dope” was the same thing that we call “drugs” today. One word connotes that Dope will eventually make you stupid, the other “Drugs”, implies that it will make you even better than your natural self. Maybe the police officers should have their guns taken away so that they would have to use pepper spray, mace, or tasers, because nobody is taking the responsibility of “bringing up ” children the right way. Like Civil-ised beings. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who walked with Martin Luther King now lead the “No Justice no peace” crowd. So many of the proven liars of just decades ago are now leaders of the nation, and heralded as good people. Just like religion I guess. Everybody hails Jesus and Gandhi and Buddha and Muhammed as paragons of virtue. No one in the public eye emulates those historical characters. And neither do their followers. Except for the Muslims, who as everyone knows belong to a “Religion of Peace” The presidents told us so therefore it is true. Clinton, Bush and Obama told us so. So it’s craziness and lies from the top down. Luckily for the rest of the world Islam is coming to America and thence to everyone else. Will American Blacks be in charge then? Or radical Muslims like in the middle East. I hope I get to live long enough to see my grand daughters and their children wearing burkas. The peace of the scimitars will replace the promised peace of the American constitution and there will be no police brutality then. I’m just saying, you know.


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