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World wide collateral damage. Moslems win.

As far as I am concerned, the Moslems have already won the war to end all wars. Consider this, whose life has been changed and is going to be changed the most since the hostage taking of the Jewish Olympic athletes in 1972, theirs, the Moslems- – – – or our “infidel” lives ? From gasoline prices to our mobility to small cars, and airport check downs, who’s comfortable living in the dark ages.? Everyone should find the post by Elena Levon some time back on wordpress. That was a wake up call. And that’s all I’ve got to say.


Intelligent people intentionally decieving themselves.

I’m with judge Judy, you lie to me once then I don’t believe ‘ANYTHING’ you say. I check you ‘METICULOUSLY’! Politicians make a career out of lying all day everyday, people see this all the time as time goes by. Yet my friends, more intelligent people than I make excuses for every proven falsehood spoken since the “Gulf of Tonkin” lie perpetuated by politicians in the ’60’s,and my friends continue. . not . . paying attention. Even stock traders who everyday,do their research then put their money where their mouth is, swallow each new lie, with relish. We,America,the USA should all be absolutely cynical about every word uttered by politicians,but we continue giving the hired excuse-makers from the top down, a pass every time. Because!? We have to be loyal to the king we voted for,who ever the latest king is.Truth be dammed! Now Religion?! Don’t get me started. But, as a Quote, Christian, (Ugh) I will. . give my two cents worth shortly.

owFotoGrafik:Wine in a box?!

Lava lamps are a generational curiosity but it’s worth a lookup from those who do not know how they work. Our blogfriend ‘owFotoGrafik’ has a beautiful piece of artwork that illustrates the miracle of changing water into wine. The frame makes the link to the,’wine in a box’. The principle is the same in both items, the wine and lava flow. Microscopic and molecular exchange of heat,and resulting changes in matter and consequent physical configuration,both to the delight of human beings. One of Timothy Leary’s products called sunshine at the time, enabled me to see our earth and ‘ALL’ it’s inhabitants and their existences as being componants in a Cosmic Lava lamp. ANd–further out–,(get it ?)–(it’l come to ya) all the entire cosmic inhabitants,matter in all it’s forms, circling or resting or exploding or implode-ing, dancing or resting to their own cosmic resonance. One hand uses a brush to illustrate an idea, another something uses something else,to illustrate the laws of physics ahd astrophysics. What’s that something?. . .

Low achievers vs Hi Achievers

My Mother, God rest her soul, raised seven children and a cousin while being a full time Catholic School teacher until she retired and migrated to the U S of A, got a Nursing degree after four years of College at NYU and worked in her Nursing profession until she retired in Florida in her seventies, built her li‘l dream house with pool and continued nursing while my Dad continued playing music, Cocktail bar piano part time till Mom said ENOUGH! . She was ninety when she died from Alzheimers. So don’t expect me to be all happy and teary eyed when people brag about how hard it is too be a single parent raising children. What I see is a big time loser bragging then, about how incompetent their thinking process and decision making is. First, they messed up during their schooling years, then in picking a mate and then still wanting to live the life of a high achiever on the budget of a low achiever. As for my Dad he was also a high achiever. Worked full time as did all men did in those days, had his own Dance band, played every weekend, at the Country Clubs and Wednesdays, at the military base.,as well as for weddings, all of which left little but super quality time for the family. And he died at ninety four as did his friend and base player, John ‘Buddy’ Williams, the Father of the World famous Jazz Base Player, Happy Williams. So don’t tell me how hard it is to raise kids as a one parent head of family. Focus on your job and put as much effort into it as you did into your sexual,unthought out escapades, or else you will fail and have your kids complaining and expecting to be rewarded for their failures.. . . !!Tick me off..

E-mail history to my brother and my son

Hey Michael !! When you have time ‘Google’, The Salsa hit ” Lobo Domesticado” and you will hear your Father playing piano, . . . in that classic style that will last forever. You know, it just occurred to me that I am the only one in the family that had ever heard him at his consistent best with the Mano Marcellin ‘big band’ at Carnival time. Not even Mom heard them,the Road Band. Pop’s band rehearsals that we grew up listening to at home was the ‘smallside’ .Remember for the ‘Road band’ and Carnival Queen competitions the rehearsals were done in the Police band auditoriums in the St James Barracks, with the additions of the two trombones, Lashley and I can’t remember the other guy’s name and Harris and Vialva Phillip and Conrad Jones on trumpet with Sonny Denner added in with his Baritone Sax.. . Aldwin Chin-a-Sing was recruited to play piano and Pop would play Electric Base,and ‘Cado was added with timbales to boost the Rythm secton with me and Peter Harriott,and another addition ‘Bree” on Base drum. Remember the Old Gibson electric Base that pop had in Brooklyn and Sarge took out one of the mikes and never replaced it? That was the same Base that Pop used to play on his Gigs in Brooklyn and the Manhattan Boat Rides. He never played again after Sarge did that. He said it was time to quit and that was his signal. Anyway I got carrried away. “Lobo Domesticado” Tommy Olivencia

We do love our excretary organs!

I am the father of three girls and one boy, and biggest slut there is, period! And that gives me authority to talk. There are only 2, two types of people on this earth, sluts and prostitutes. Sluts are those who have sex for the fun of it, and I am the King of that, and prostitutes who make you pay with cash money or emotional blackmail or a bucket list translated to emotional blackmail. The same women who used to indulge herself and her lover any time,(of the month even) anywhere, just for the fun of it, at some point especially after getting ‘that ring’ morphs into a part time or full time prostitute and out comes the hostage taking and men being chained to ‘fidelity’ and emotional blackmail or no sex. Hence the expression “cutting you off at the stem”. Think about it. Being honest, that should be the end of discussion. Even the most dutiful wife, goes in and out of that dirty stygmatized, profession and we all know it. So all this objectifying women discussion and commentary, to me is just some saying; “Sluts have pride too.” and me saying;”Naah!!Sluts are honest about human sexuality.” Men are pigs, dogs, sluts, weasels and we know it. Women, not sluts like me, are what they are, and they know it, dressing one way and asking men to look at them, the so called non-sluts, as Virgins in Nun’s habit. Given a choice between an extremely beautiful and curvy slut and a beautiful and curvy intellectual woman, most men would recognize and choose the slut, thereby guarantying repeat and sometimes heady performances, pun intended, instead of talk guaranteed. Note the use of the objectifying terms, ‘beautiful’ and ‘curvy’ . Now shall we talk competence and competition or continue phony moralizing and beating a dead horse. ?!

View from the air

Gas was cheaper in these days.Piper cubs aand other small personal aircraft would buzz Weeki Wachee and Pine Island beach just to see the dishes layed out on the beach, and the younger ones playing volleyball and throwing frisbees, kids playing football in the shallows.Heroes would dive and make spectacula splashes if not catches. I’d wave to all the low flying gawkers and insist that they saw me. I’d lie and say I could see them wave back. Nobody believed but I could. Sometimes. Dr. Gentry an F-16 National Guard pilot who lived on the beach next to Willy flew over, real slow. I got up and did a side to side wave with each arm going up and down in turn. The F-16 did the old world war two wing waggle came around slowly, did it again and then shot straight up at full speed, up THRU the clouds, did a barrel roll over the clouds and flew off upside down before he shot up out of sight. I never let on that Dr. Gentry was once my windsurfing neighbour, and that if you can see a light aeroplanes’wheels underneath (they’re about as big as your head) the pilots can see your whole body. Just another day in paradise.